Free College Application Week

By Tekajah Lewis
Booker T. Washington High School

During the month of November, I participated in free college application week. This is a special week for seniors to apply to college without the use of an application fee. This lets students be ready for college and gives them confidence without breaking the bank. This gives students a chance to apply for college if they haven’t done so already. The process for applying was a tough process. From figuring out what to major in to finding a college that had that particular major, it can be a very long and tedious process. 

For me, I had to go on a website as well as using resources from my guidance counselor and look at all of the colleges offering these free applications and apply to them. It gets tedious most times to continuously input the exact same information all the time while doing as many as you can before the week is out. After doing that, I had to fill out a transcript request form for various colleges if my counselor didn’t get an email from the colleges requesting my transcript. The longest and most nerve wracking part is/was waiting to hear back from the colleges stating they got all of my information and will send me an admission decision soon. The most crucial part was waiting to see if I got accepted. I feel very confident in applying for college because I know that I can do my best and if I don’t get accepted into a particular college, I always have one that will. For others, I feel that their confidence can be boosted when they receive that acceptance letter from the colleges they applied to. 

Free College Application Week has allowed me to grow as a person as well as being able to be independent about my education all while taking it as a serious task that had to be dealt with. In total from before this awesome week and after, I have been accepted to six colleges with various amounts of scholarship money. I’m grateful for this opportunity as well as many others to be able to achieve this goal as well as make the people who helped me along the way proud of me as well. For anyone that might feel like it was worth it for them, they are correct because anyone can benefit from a free college application because you never know what you may get in return.

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