GUA Ambassador Introductions: Tatyana Martin

My name is Tatyana Martin. I am in the 11th grade, and I attend Selma High School. My hometown is Selma, Alabama, where I have lived all my life. I am currently a member of FBLA, which stands for Future Business Leaders Of America. My 9th grade year I was just an ordinary member of the organization. Last year, I became a reporter, and miss Fbla. I participated in town parades, and took pictures around the school for competition time. We took part in many community service events, and I hope to keep my positions this year as well. I was also a member of robotics, and even considered joining DECA, Her Vision and the honors society,which are other organizations at our school. I also do dual enrollment at UAB. This will be my second year taking online classes at the university. So far I have taken the orientation course, sociology, music appreciation and now theater.

I am an Ambassador because I love to write! When I was in the third grade we used to have journal time. This would be time apart from class where we would free write on any topic we wanted to. I always came up with different stories filled with excitement and entertainment. I would even write about personal experiences, but those weren’t as interesting. When I grow up, I want to achieve many things in my life. My main goal is to be an actress. From there on, I want to open a mental health institution, a school, a music program, and write a book on all the things I have accomplished. I would do all this because I really want to help other people suffering in silence. A school and music program would help people who are bored and have nothing to do. It would be time for them to really take a self assessment and see who they really are. Becoming an actress would be a life changing experience for me because it would give me the opportunity to show off my awesome acting skills.

Waking up on time for college is a huge fear for me. Sometimes I like to go to bed late, thinking it won’t affect me in the morning. When the morning comes, I quickly regret staying up late because it’s a challenge getting out of the bed. I’ve been on college tours, and every time the professor will always say “It’s your responsibility as a student to collect notes and work, if you miss a day.” The one thing I don’t like when it comes to missing a day is getting behind in my work. I feel like I’m years behind and everyone else is all caught up. While it is fun to stay out of school and sleep all day, having to make up about four tests is no good feeling.

My family inspires me so much because they always have the best advice. Whenever things go wrong I can count on them to cheer me up. They constantly remind me that I will make many mistakes in my life, and it’s called being human. Everything is not always going to go how I plan, so they are that extra support that keeps me reaching for the sky.

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